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Digitalization is about connecting the unconnected. Creating value from performance data and vital information in the industrial layer through secure data access and transfer. Giving remote access to monitor and upgrade remote applications. And making information available across departments and geographies via cyber secure cloud-based solutions. Visualize status data in dashboards and integrate it in other systems to uncover potential improvements or problems. All to gain insights, to become more efficient – and make things better.

With an IIoT solution in place, you can take the primary information from a single machine and connect it to additional data in the cloud. It helps manufacturers to optimize their machines and understand how to optimize entire processes, plan operations and maintenance.


Axel Gustafson
Vice President 
Product Management

Webinar - The value of digitalizing now

In this webinar we will discuss:

• Benefits of using operational data to drive innovation
• Concepts of cloud connectivity and IIoT in the industrial world
• How digitalization can bring OT technology into a leading position


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Here are some of the places Beijer Electronics has an impact on your everyday life

The benefits of an IIoT solution in a hyper-connected world

Consumers use cloud solutions every day, and now see them as part of the natural order. In the world of business, new technologies are emerging all the time that help increase productivity, eliminate errors and facilitate almost limitless connectivity.

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Clever connectivity. Smarter functions.

BoX2 is a series of protocol converters, IIoT gateways and edge controllers that combine clever connectivity with smart functions such as local data base storage, alarm servers, data exchange, reporting, C# scripting, etc. BoX2 is easily configured with just a few clicks.


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X2 series HMIs

The X2 series of HMIs are IIOT ready by standard and combine great design with strong performance to power your solutions. The X2 series matches almost every requirement and lets you choose from a powerful range of more than 50 models and additional options.


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Combine powerful CODESYS control and cloud connectivity

BoX2 pro SC and BoX2 extreme SC edge controllers combine powerful IEC 61131-3 CODESYS applications with IIoT and cloud connectivity, HMI server functions as well as offering smart functions. BoX2 bridges the gap between the worlds of industrial automation and IT.


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Here are some of the places Beijer Electronics has an impact on your everyday life

We were thrilled to find a perfect solution that not only handles data but also helps maintain the production system and improves our performance.

Pammy Hsaio, Assistant Manager IT department, PAHSCO



The TOSIBOX® Lock and Key are remote access and networking devices for secure remote connections. Devices are securely accessed over the Internet and most LAN and WAN networks through encrypted VPN connections.


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Use our VPN solution for cyber secure remote connection with your devices and technical equipment. Easy to install and configure, the CloudVPN solution offers LAN, WiIFi and LTE 4G connectivity and covers all remote control needs.


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