Reducing water and energy consumption with modern technology

Smart irrigation

Reducing water and energy consumption with modern technology

Smart irrigation systems take advantage of modern technology to help overcome water deficits and maximize crop yields. Solutions which reduce waste of water due to runoff, wind and evaporation but also reduce power consumption with intelligent pump control taking actual weather conditions into consideration. Smart irrigation systems can help to deliver the precise amount of water, so you can grow bigger, better yields every season – with fewer resources and increase sustainability.


Optimized sustainable operation

As an owner or user of a smart irrigation systems you want to improve yields and crop quality, and reduce water and power consuption. Water is an emerging critical natural resource and drives the need for irrigation systems with a high level of automation. Irrigation water management encourages the application of water in an amount that meets the need of the crops and avoids extended soil saturation and runoff. With increased application precision and reduced unneeded application, water can be conserved and energy can be saved.

Tools for the intelligent solution

As an engineer or system integrator you will be able to combine our standard hardware and software into a smart irrigation system solution. Using open iX and CODESYS-based software and the choice of different hardware platforms to match specific application requirements. Through data exchange with other systems; hardwired, wireless or cloud based. Using ready-made, well-proven function blocks and template projects to reduce engineering time.

Combining smart building blocks into powerful solutions

Saving water and energy with flexible pump control

Östorps Bevattning has over 50 years of experience providing customers with irrigation solutions. Many of their systems are monitored with an X2 HMI panel and alarms and data is being accessed remotely through their own app, proving security and ease of use for their customers.

Scalability to fit the challenge

Our technologies and products can be applied in different scale depending on your needs and requirements. From a simple solution with just a frequency inverter controlling pumps to solutions where extended control and operation can be incorporated by our HMIs and compact controllers, easy to use software and smart engineering apps to jump start your project.

All the way up to a full-blown solution where remote access and connectivity can simplify maintenance and software updates, and use actual weather data for optimized needs-based irrigation. And allowing owners and users to follow operational status on a mobile or tablet with a modern HTML5 user interface.