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Automate building operation

The Beijer Electronics building automation concept gives you many advantages. Our open, scalable solution helps you automate the operation of your buildings by providing complete control of indoor climate and all technical systems – optimizing energy use. At the same time the building industry is adapting to a new world of Big Data and new, more advanced technologies. Technologies known as proptech or property technologies which refers to the increased digitalization of buildings, real estate business and sometimes entire cities. Beijer Electronics is part of the solution.




Integration of systems

Integrate all equipment and subsystems, regardless of manufacturer into a single system that offers great opportunities and greater cost-efficiency. Our building automation concept consists of a software package combined with hardware to control a ventilation unit and a sub-center. When commissioned, applications are downloaded to a Nexto PLC, G series distributed controller and to X2 series HMIs with iX HMI software. Sensors, loads and drives are connected to the PLC either directly or via G-series distributed IOs using standard field buses.

Energy optimization

Experience shows that energy consumption in a property or property portfolio can optimized by using strategically placed energy meters. Values are transmitted from energy meters and stored in the databases in our control and monitoring system using open communication protocols. Our reporting tool creates the required reports to get a clear overview of energy consumption. Experience shows you can save up to 30 percent on energy using our solution.

Air conditioning

Our HVAC solution meets all requirements for indoor climate and incoming media, creating an optimal climate for everyone in the property. Energy meters are connected via converters to our HVAC solution and used directly in control to optimize energy use. This can be achieved by using BFI-E3 or BFI-H3 frequency inverters to control fans in the building.

Control and monitoring

Our powerful control and monitoring system makes it possible to control and monitor all important functions of the property and simplify work for operators and technical personnel.

Webinar - Automate the operation of your buildings

Join our webinar and find out: 

  • Why you should automate your building
  • The benefits of already made concepts 
  • What we mean by smarter automation for smarter buildings
  • How to get started


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Open framework and smart functions to reduce engineering

By using our building automation solutions you will get a well-proven and open framework to integrate control of HVAC, light, climate control with fully documented program code CODESYS and iX. This includes:

  • Open framework with dedicated function blocks and program code.
  • Function blocks are adapted to different segments from ready-made functions covering alarm handling, oxygen control, pressure regulation, etc.
  • Functions are pre-set for IOs, CODESYS, iX and cloud.

Powerful CODESYS control

Our control systems feature CODESYS control - a fully integrated IEC 61131-3 development tool. Powerful with integrated compilers, object-oriented programming, alarm management, add-ons such as UML/SYN integration and fully adaptable to your systems requirements. CODESYS offers true code transparency between systems.

Products for building automation

"The ability of the technical experts to grasp our needs and ideas saved a lot of time on the way from idea to finished product. "

Jerkko Eskelinen, Sales Manager for Smart Solutions at Inwido


Facebook Data Center minimizes energy consumption

The data center in Luleå is Facebook’s first outside of the US and with its 10,000 servers the largest server hall in Europe. In Luleå Data Center advanced technology allows the outside air to be used for cooling and an automated control system provided by Beijer Electronics monitors and optimizes energy consumption at all times.


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Open building solution to control Skanskas headquarter

AutomationsGruppen AB having a long experience within building automation standardizes new building automation projects on an open and modern hardware and software platform. The modular PLC Nexto and Codesys based software BCS Tools from Beijer Electronics AB, provides the performance and scalability needed.

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Smarter automation for a perfect indoor climate

More comfortable and consistent indoor climate plus a 20% energy savings. It is no accident that Pihla windows, combined with demand-driven ventilation, where a control from Beijer Electronics provides the intelligence, have become the obvious choice for building renovation projects.


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