X2 series with integrated CODESYS motion and control

HMI and motion control for a wide range of applications

Try the combination of two established automation products - the X2 operator panels with integrated CODESYS motion and PLC functionality. Thanks to the power of modern technology, the operator interface and the control logic can be united in one single compact hardware device. Just add distributed I/Os and you'll get an elegant, scalable and cost-effective solution that's really cutting-edge.

iX outside

Innovative HMI at the edge of your fingertips

The iX HMI solution opens the gateway to improved system design, where a smart and intuitive interface will give you the competitive edge.

Adapting the look of any machine or system to fit the user, an attractive interface with top-class graphics boosts your company brand and improves the face you show the world.

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CODESYS inside

Integrated soft control puts efficiency in your hands

Integrated HMI and PLC functionality is easy-to-use and cost efficient, making it simpler for system designers to build smaller, smarter machines, faster than ever before.Elegantly designed yet simple to use, the most eye-opening aspects of this product are the ones you don't actually see.

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Why unify PLC and HMI?

Integrated HMI and PLC functionality gives you a lean automation solution. It combines visualization and control in an integrated development environment that allows faster system design.

Construction costs are reduce by eliminating components and wiring. Support costs are also reduced and operations improved by centralizing remote access and administration.

iX TxB SoftControl

Control and HMI for smaller applications

A cost-efficient solution for small to medium sized HMI applications, with display sizes in 4, 7 and 10 inches and communication with I/Os via serial Modbus RTU.

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iX TxA SoftControl

Control and HMI with high speed communication

A cost-efficient solution for medium to large sized HMI applications, with display sizes in 7, 12 and 15 inches and communication with I/Os via high-speed EtherCAT fieldbus or Modbus.

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