The QTERM line of human machine interfaces (HMIs) and operator interface terminals (OITs) came to Beijer Electronics through its acquisition of QSI Corporation in 2010. The initial QTERMs were produced in the early 1990s, many of these are still operational today. Many of the QTERM models are designed for harsh and in some cases extremely rugged deployments. 

The QTERMs that Beijer Electronics currently offers include:  QTERM-A7, QTERM-A12, QTERM-G72, QTERM-G55 and QTERM-J10. The A7, A12 and G72 are panel mount HMIs. The G55 and J10 are hand-held HMIs. The A7 and A12 units can be ordered with either iX, Qlarity or native Windows CE programming environments. The G72 and G55 units are programmed with Qlarity (pronounced "clarity".)  The J10 is a character-based terminal, not involving a programming language like iX or Qlarity.

Discontinued QTERM models include:  QTERM-II, QTERM-IV, QTERM-G75, QTERM-G70, QTERM-K65, QTERM-Z60, QTERM-G58, QTERM-G56, QTERM-P40, QTERM-B30, QTERM-R25, and QTERM-N15.

 All of the QTERM units were designed and are manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.