Customized display solutions

Customized display solutions

Match your electrical and mechanical challenges with customized LCD display modules, for an integrated and flexible solution. Fully tailored to your exact requirements.

Beijer Electronics is specialized in manufacturing both standard HMIs and custom display solutions with more than 30 years of experience within the industry. We will be happy to discuss and advise you on the right choice and give you tips so that you can achieve an optimal result.


Haden Howell
Vice President, Key Accounts

Applications everywhere

Laser equipment, surgical waste equipment, instrumentation and medical devices for X-ray, ultrasound, patient monitor, vital signs, etc.

Solar and electricity systems, POS, ATM, security, teaching pads, heavy machinery, vending machines, airport systems, scales, etc.

Smart building
RFID security systems, parking systems, facial recognition access systems, meeting room booking systems, etc.

Advanced traffic control, fleet management, alarm systems, on-board displays, EV chargers, gas stations, ballast water systems, etc.


Display solution core capability 

Our offer goes far beyond the basic LCM ODM solutions. We can tailor all the elements included in a display system: The display, the touch sensor, the interface board, the SCB, the firmware and software, and finally; complete the assembly to secure that you can have a complete tested and ready-to-use display solution matching your requirements.


• TN/VA/IPS/OLED/E-paper
• Wide temp range
• High brightness
• 2” to 55” display


• Wide temp range
• Anti-interference
• IP/IK rating
• Glove touch
• Outdoor applications

Cover lens

• Air/optical bonding
• IP/NEMA/IK rating
• Sunlight readable
• UV protection
• Anti-flammability

AD board

• Dimming control
• Wide voltage range
• Greyscale precision
• Wide color gamut

Single board computer

• SW/FW support
• Camera
• Speaker


• Anti–shock & vibration
• Anti–corrosion
• High thermal stability
• Mechanical design for IP grade
• ID design
• Overlay film lamination

System integration

• Manage design life
• Long term supplier relationships
• Quality audits
• In-house manufacturing
• Manage component end of life


When a custom display solution is being developed, the customer requirements can be taken exactly into account, offering you a solution which is customized to fit the application perfectly.


Stin Su
Director, Display Solutions

Custom made or standard HMI?

Any manufacturer of complex machines or technical equipment that include displays or HMIs faces a crucial decision: Should you opt for a custom tailored display solution or use a standard HMI? This paper looks at the pros and cons of both choices.


The pros and cons

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What is a display solution?

A display solution is very similar to an HMI (human-machine interface) by being the user interface that connects an operator or user to the controller for an industrial, commercial or technical system. Display solutions differ from HMIs by often being specifically tailored for an exact application and a customer in terms of the specific components e.g. the display itself, the required touch sensor, interface board, the SCB, the firmware and software, the enclosure, etc. to match the exact customer needs.

Similar to HMIs, display solutions translate data from control systems into visual representations of the systems. On the display, an operator can see information from the systems and interact with different parts of it. The interaction between operator and machine happens most often directly on the touch screen of the display, but are in some cases combined with keypads, function keys or external keyboards.