A company dating from the middle of the 1800s

Beijer Electronics started operations in 1981, as a unit within G&L Beijer. But, the company dates back to the middle of the 1800s.


G&L Beijer was formed by brothers Gottfried and Lorens Beijer, and later operated by the Hain family. G&L Beijer traded cereals, coal and steel for many years, and later, oil.

In the1950s

Operations were extended to include trading input goods for the foundry and steel industries. Its central concept was to move beyond selling products and accumulate its own expertise, which was novel for the Nordic market. Thus, the corporation was able to provide service and support in an entirely new way.

The late 1970s

G&L Beijer became firmly established in computer consulting. The Beijer Information Group was incorporated, and soon became a leader in its business. The company was divested to WM-Data in 1987.

In the early 1980s

G&L Beijer had started to probe the growing electronics business with its initial idea being to develop a programmable control system. However, these plans were shelved when G&L Beijer appointed Göran Sigfridsson, Beijer Electronics' first Chief Executive Officer, and shortly afterwards secured distribution rights from Mitsubishi Electric of Japan.


Beijer Electronics became a unit in parent company G&L Beijer. Its business was built up around the Mitsubishi Electric agency.


Beijer Electronics established units in Norway and Finland


Business was transferred to a new subsidiary, Beijer Electronics AB.

In the mid 1980s

Beijer Electronics developed, for example, the MEDOC programming tool, which was used in all installations of Mitsubishi Electric's control systems well into the new century.

The late 1980s

Beijer Electronics embarked on the development of its own operator terminals, marketing them more actively in the early 1990s, through an in-house sales force in domestic markets and by exporting through Mitsubishi Electric, which absorbed them into its product range.  

During the 1990s

A comprehensive product range of operator panels was completed and became the fastest-growing part of Beijer Electronics' product range. Beijer Electronics' latest operator terminals can be connected to the majority of control systems available on the market. They are sold worldwide.
In the 1980s the market in Sweden was dominated by locally developed control systems but Beijer Electronics chose to combine strong agency products with its own development. The base was the Mitsubishi Electric compact and complete control systems. Cooperation with Mitsubishi Electric also entailed more extensive development projects.
The customer base was built up gradually. Volvo Personvagnar became a customer in 1988, and started to use Beijer Electronics' agency products in their plant in Olofström. Saab Automobile became a customer in 1991. In the 1990s, other customers have been added, also outside the manufacturing industry.

The product program was expanded gradually with more agency products from other suppliers.
In the late 1990s, a subsidiary was set up in the USA, near Chicago, Illinois, from where Beijer Electronics' proprietary products - the operator terminals - were marketed to the American market.